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Hawaii Car Rental Vehicles

We have include only 12 vehicles below. This list of choices is much larger. For example, we excluded large passenger vans and pick-up trucks. Visitors to Hawaii often comes in groups, where a large passenger van is necessary. Surfers to Hawaii frequently bring their own surf boards. A pick-up truck is more convenient than a car, SUV or mini-van. Click RESERVATIONS to find the perfect vehicle and price

Economy Car
Economy Car
Kia Reo/Chevy Spark
Compact Car
Compact Car
Nissan Versa
Mid-Size Car    Mid-Size
Toyota Corolla 
Standard Car Standard Car Volkswagon Jetta 
Ford Mustang   
Jeep 2 Door 
Jeep Wrangler 2 Door
Jeep 4 Door 
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4 Door
Dodge Grand Caravan 
Full Size Hawaii Car Rental
Full Size    
Luxuary Hawaii Car Rental Luxury 
Mid Size SUV Rental Mid Size SUV Full Size SUV Rental
Standard SUV