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Hawaii Map

Hawaii, the Aloha State, the fiftieth State of the United States, aka Sandwich Isle. Use the Google map below to see the Islands. The populated Islands for vacations include:

  • Oahu Island
  • Maui Island
  • Kauai Island
  • Hawaii Island
  • Molokai Island
You cannot drive from Island to Island. There are no Inter-Island bridge. There is no car ferry service on any of the Islands.

Hawaii Google Map

Hawaii Map Availability

1. All national car rental companies provide a map of the Island. So if you visit Maui, you'll receive a map of Maui. We believe you can navigate the Islands on just the car rental companies map. There is enough detail to to find your way.

2. Get directions at the pickup counter, so you can be sure to get to your lodging. Counter agents are accustomed to assisting.  They live locally, so you'll get trustworthy directions. It a start. Arriving in a strange airport and finding you hotel should not be any concern. Get directions, they're free.

3. The next choice for navigating is of course a GPS. Electronic GPS can be a lifesaver for people visiting the Islands for the first time. Car rental companies offer GPS. An optional GPS device from a car rental company is a convenience, but it will cost as much as $10 per day.

4. These days most everyone is a carrying a smart phone. Use your smart phone when possible. Smart phone GPS apps are abundant. Find them at the Google Play Store or ITunes.

5.  Simply bring your own maps. Print directions in advance using your own computer equipment at home or use hotel’s free business center on arrival to create maps to your destinations.

A little preparation is advance can help you enjoy your visit to the Hawaiian Islands.