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Plan Ahead for Hawaii Visit

Travelers to Hawaii soon discover that the Islands are too large to tour without a car.

The six most visited islands of the Hawaiian Island group are:

  • Hawaii - the Big Island (4,035 sq mi—10,451 sq km)
  • Maui (734 sq mi—1,901 sq km)
  • Oahu (617 sq mi—1,598 sq km)
  • Kauai (558 sq mi—1,445 sq km)
  • Molokai (264 sq mi—684 sq km)
  • Lanai (141 sq mi—365 sq km)

We suggest doing a bit of research before arrival to plan your agenda and itinerary.  You'll be surprise to discover there are so many points of interest and only so much time to explore.

Travel Packing Guide

Travelers to Hawaii can get some help with guidelines for packing. When traveling it is always a challenge to bring to right clothes. To bring enough clothes. To decide how much is enough and what exactly to bring.

The Hawaii Travel Packing Guide Checklist can help. When I travel I use it to confirm I haven't missed any important items. The checklist is Hawaii appropriate. Hawaii is in the tropics. You want to dress casually for warm and sunny weather. The Islands are obviously surrounded by ocean. Don't forget a bathing suit. Let the packing guide provide some suggestions.